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Most Computer Repair Places Charge $100.00 Just To Look At Your Computer!


Our Services & Prices Are Listed Below


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Services Calls (Ask About Any Other Services)


1) Pick Up, Telephone, Online & UPS Services Offered

2) Malware Removal & System Protection

3) Prohibiting Identity & Tracking Threats

4) Disk Drive, Browser & System Maintenance

5) Software Loading & Removal

6) Drive Speed Analysis & Increase

7) System & Device Updates

8) Part Replacement When Necessary


Prices For Services Does Not Include Parts Or Postal Cost


1) $30.00 Initial Inspection & Contact. This Includes System Pick Up & Return (Past 25 Miles Price Increases)

2) $15.00 Per Hour - Of Course We Don't Charge For Part Waiting Times. Most Repairs Are Complete With In 2-3 Hours.

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